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Steve at work

In 1972, after growing up in New York City, the desire to live in a new environment prompted him to move to the Monterey Peninsula, where he now resides. Saunders is originally acclaimed for his designs and creations in the world of leather apparel and accessories (he initiated brass studs on leather as a fashion statement in the late 60’s). In the early 70’s, with the great interest in southwestern silver and turquoise, Saunders undertook self training and began expressing his artistic endeavors in that direction.

He spent several years developing his skills with solid gold and sterling silver intricately hand detailed, sculptured jewelry. To satisfy his desire for more artistic diversity he expanded his talents to include bronze sculpture. Some of his original sculptured works are created in wax. This material allows him to impart his fine sense of detail to any project he might be creating. These wax originals are then cast into items of jewelry or beautiful full size bronze sculptures.

He is self–taught in working with the multitude of materials in which he has expressed himself for the past 35 years.

A master in spacial visualization, Saunders uses his skills existentially. His ability lies in being able to go beyond the imagination, to the point of creation, where he can extract the maximum dynamics, be they soft and simple or hard and bold, from any creation he puts his HEART into. Yes...it all comes from the heart, not the head. Therefore his creations take on metaphysical properties and tend to enhance their environment. He is truly a master of synergistic expression.

Through his art works Saunders shares his passion for life and his love for nature. “The purpose of art should be to raise one's spirit and enhance the quality of life.”

Steve Saunders is currently operating out of his own gallery located at 50 Bonifacio Plaza in Downtown Monterey, California.

He maintains a meticulous attention to detail. His works can be realistic or contemporary, miniature or full size. Every creation reflects perfect proportions and each work of art is individually hand detailed and signed.

Steve Saunders creations have been collected by Mr. David Packard, Ellen Burstyn, The Chambers Brothers, Bob Guccione, Doug McClure, The Murchison Family of Texas (Dallas Cowboys), Jill St. John, Ann Turkel, Tony Sirico (Soprano’s), Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood.

Steve at the Office


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